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Welcome to! Here you will find all the information that you need about Swedens domestic airlines. With our great guides and content we hope to navigate you through the relevant airports, aswell as with what you should think about before, during and after the flight. is here for you, regardless of how often, and in what purpose you fly. Read our handy guides, tips and news and enjoy your flight – regardless of where in Sweden you are traveling to. The site is updated regularly swith both practical information as well as news related to flying. Make sure that you stop by once in a while in order to read the latest! Du you have any questions, or are you missing something? Dont hesitate to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible

What should I think about?

Even if you are flying domestic there are alot of things to think about. In order for you to be able to be calm, we have compiled a complete guide of what you need to think about. The guide contains advice for both before and after the flight, you can find the guide at the top of this page.

Why do we need domestic flights?

THere are aot of reasons to fly within Swedens borders. Since flying still is significantly faster than any other mean of transportation it is used frequently by exchange students, business men and so forth. In Sweden, perhaps one of the largest groups of travellers is those who have friends and family living in different regions of the country.

Do I need my passport?

Even if you previously did not need ID during domestic flighs in Sweden, it is mostly expected from you. Within the Schengen area a national ID-card is sufficent (as long as it has a fingerprint and a chip). In other words a passport is not necessary but some form of ID is required in order to board the plane.

Flying - A necessary evil

Unprecidented speed

Over 26 million people flew from Arlanda in 2017. Even if many travel for fun, millions who fly have no alternative way to travel.

New alternatives

Luckily for us, and our planet our means of transportation are constantly evolving. Since flying today lacks competition when it comes to speed and comfort - new solutions are more needed than ever.

The future is electric

As you are reading this, much effort is being put into creating electric engines for airplanes. Most experts agree that withouth going electric, flying will not be possible in the future.

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